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Case Studies


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  • Nicola
    Signature 84 Day - C Section Resurrection
  • Mary
    Signature 84 Day Programme
  • Christine
    Fat Loss & Muscle Toning
  • Sarah
    Fat Loss & Stomach Flattening


Dean - Fat Loss



RESULTS - 76 Days!
Mass 75.6 Kg 69Kg 14lbs mass loss
Body Fat% 20.2% (15.27Kg of fat) 11% (7.59Kg of fat) 9.2% (7.68kg/16.9lbs of actual fat lost and 2.9lbs of muscle gained)
Upper Arm 34cm 34cm -
Chest 102cm 100cm -2cm
Waist 85cm 80cm -5cm
Hips 95.5cm 92.5cm -3cm
Thigh 57.5cm 57.5cm -
Calf 38cm 37.5cm -0.5cm