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Case Studies


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  • Nicola
    Signature 84 Day - C Section Resurrection
  • Mary
    Signature 84 Day Programme
  • Christine
    Fat Loss & Muscle Toning
  • Sarah
    Fat Loss & Stomach Flattening


Christine - Fat Loss & Muscle Toning



Christine After 9 months.


Received Around 7 months of Personal Training …so far (away on hols etc).


2 sessions personal training with Richard per week combined with Bootcamp, 2-3 times per week.


Christine is also a vegetarian, she eats really well and follows all the nutritional guidelines to the letter and has come up with a few of her own!


Pre (1st Oct 2010) Post (1st July 2011) RESULTS for Christine
Weight 59.6kg - 9 stone 4 pounds 55.6Kg – 8 stone 10 lbs 4Kg or 8.8lbs LOST
Body Fat% 30.1% (17.93Kg) 19.2% (10.67Kg) 10.9% Body Fat (7.26kg's/15.9lbs of FAT) LOST
Upper Arm 26cm 24cm -2cm or 0.8 inches (LOST)
Chest 84cm 82cm -2cm or 0.8 inches (LOST)
Waist 73cm 68cm -5cm or 2 inches (LOST)
Hips 95cm 90cm -5cm or 2 inches (LOST)
Thigh 55cm 51cm -4cm or 1.6 inches (LOST)
Calf 38cm 37cm -1cm or 0.4 inches
Neck 30.5cm 29.5cm -1cm or 0.4 inches
  Total :

LOST 7.2 inches and 8.8lbs


10.9% body fat/15.9lbs of fat


This means Christine also gained 7lbs of lean muscle tissue


Christine’s Story


I started working with Richard in October last year. I had already lost 1 ½ stone very gradually over the 4 years or so but just couldn’t shift that last stone and get down from a size 12-14 to a size 10. At that time my only goal really was to loose weight and get slimmer/leaner.


Richard’s approach was different to what I had expected. There was a much more holistic approach, almost as if you were trying to get the entire person body, habits, mind, and attitude, fit for life, not just to tone up some muscles and loose weight.


The Nutrition plan was more than I had been eating anyway, but I tried it even though I couldn’t see how it could possibly work and surprisingly I lost weight on it so I stuck with it. (Presumably boosting my metabolism burned more calories.) The sports massage was a real treat. The cookery lesson, given by Richard in my own kitchen, turned into a fun event with my partner and his teenage son learning how to make me a healthy breakfast whilst creating a wonderful caramelised banana oat pancake for themselves. I am still waiting for their repeat performance though!


After 5 weeks I had lost 8 lbs of Body Fat and my Body Fat % was down from 30% to 23%. I also lost 3cms from my waist and 4cms from my hips and thighs. My size 14 clothes were too big and I could just get into a size 10.


But I hadn’t realised that there would be other changes…..


I started to sleep well at night. No more waking at 3:30 am unable to sleep.


I had a problem with my knee that meant walking upstairs was difficult for me, but the routine we did not only worked around this issue but bought about an improvement that has completely resolved this problem (by strengthening my quads).


I had always hated the gym – it was so boring. Well working with Richard is the opposite extreme and PT sessions with him have been great fun. On top of this my attitude to both classes (like the Boot camp) and going to the gym have changed completely. I look forward to going, and see this time as my “playtime”, an opportunity to try out new exercises, meet my new-found friends, and generally have some guilt-free fun!


I got so much out of the first package that I immediately signed up for a second 12 weeks, with Christmas in the middle. This time my goals were different. My objective this time was to improve my levels of fitness to get ready for a 240 Kilometre trek at altitude (up to 5,500 metres) in the Himalayas in April.


At the first fitness assessment I had increased by at least 10% in all areas and 20% in one. Richard warned me that I might not see such a big improvement during the second package but to my delight my improvements continued and even increased with an achievement of up to 20% on nearly every test. And of course I developed more muscle and lost more fat, resulting in a current Body Fat % of only 21%, nearly 10% down on my start point.


The final test was the trek itself. 10 years ago a similar trek had seen me trailing at the back of the group all day struggling to keep up. The group had to keep stopping and waiting for me and every time I reached them they would get up and start walking again – so no rest for me!


Well I sailed though with my knee being supported by my strengthened quads, and my cardio-vascular system easily handling the ups and downs with the reduced oxygen levels available at such great heights. This time I was out in front steaming ahead all day long taking the whole thing in my stride. (I even have a photograph of me doing a one legged side plank on the side of the mountain, which I put down to the lack of oxygen at altitude!)


Once back home I set upon the task of clearing out my wardrobe and out came the sewing machine to attempt to take in some of the clothes that I deemed too good to give away. The biggest change has been in my hips and thighs and I have really developed good sewing skills at taking in trousers as a result!


Now I am really going into “maintenance phase” where I am actually fine to attend the gym on my own and have a repertoire of exercises and circuits, along with the knowledge of how to do them correctly. I also know how it feels to have worked myself properly in a session, so I can’t cheat and not put in 110%. By the end of a session I have to make myself feel I have worked as hard as I do with Richard. I am also a keen Boot camp attendee and look forward to every session so this is a good habit that is now well established.


I could never have done this on my own. Richard’s knowledge is invaluable and his holistic approach (nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, mental attitude etc.) is what gets results; this along with his never ending enthusiasm, patience, support etc. He is always there to offer advice and guidance and he genuinely cares about all of his “trainees”.


Video Testimonial