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Case Studies


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  • Nicola
    Signature 84 Day - C Section Resurrection
  • Mary
    Signature 84 Day Programme
  • Christine
    Fat Loss & Muscle Toning
  • Sarah
    Fat Loss & Stomach Flattening


Sarah - Fat Loss & Stomach Flattening




Pre Post RESULTS ... Sarah lost ...
in 42 Days
Weight 82.5kg - 13 stone 77.3 – 12 stone 2.5 5.2kg or 11.5lbs
Waist 99cm 91cm 8cm or 3.1 inches
Hips 115cm 110cm 5 cm or 2 inches
Neck 35cm 33cm 2 cm or 0.8 inch
Upper Arm 33.5cm 32cm 1.5 or 0.6 inch
    Total Lost : 11.5LBS, 6.5inches & 3.5% body fat


" On 1st November 2010 I started a personal training programme with Richard Clarke. At that time I was feeling very conscious of my weight and body shape. I had never been so overweight and was desperate to lose a couple of dress sizes and get back to a weight that I was comfortable with. After an initial consultation with Richard he convinced me that he would be able to deliver the results that I was after (with commitment from myself of course). Richard listened clearly to my goals and drew up a realistic and achievable programme for me. His approach was well rounded and focused on both diet and exercise as well as some serious motivational talks. I went onto his 'miracle menu' diet, a protein based diet, eating five times a day, which meant that I didn't get hunger pangs as with previous diets. I also programmed in two personal training sessions a week with Richard for a six week period where we worked on fitness and toning, particularly focusing on my stomach which for me was where I had piled on the pounds. Richard also talked to me about how to achieve long lasting results through changes in my lifestyle and attitude to my health.


After six weeks I lost 8cm from my waist and 5cm from my hips and a total of 5 kilograms in weight. I also went down one dress size. I am absolutely delighted with the progress I have made to date I am a great deal fitter than if I had just dieted and look forward to continuing my weight loss through a long term programme of diet and exercise using the tools and motivation that Richard has given me.


I would recommend Richard to anyone looking to achieve weight loss or fitness goals."