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Case Studies


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  • Nicola
    Signature 84 Day - C Section Resurrection
  • Mary
    Signature 84 Day Programme
  • Christine
    Fat Loss & Muscle Toning
  • Sarah
    Fat Loss & Stomach Flattening


Chris Maunders - Fat Loss



Chris had the Sports Nutrition Coaching Package


Waist:  34”
Weight: 88.0 KG (13st 8lbs)
Body Fat: 17.5%


After 112 days (16 weeks)
Waist: 32.5”
Weight: 89.6 KG (14 st)
Body Fat: 12.5%


Lost – 5% Body Fat (9.6 LBS)
Gained – 12 LBS PURE Muscle! Well done Chris. 


Come back to see if Chris can get to his goal of 10% body fat and keep his weight the same.